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Jakjak that catcat says the photo galleries are mostly just cat photos. She is a fluff butt.
Need to fluff out the nav pole to the left, but for the most part, this thing is done, and fully capable of giving us a working site with minimal effort of each post.
Updated: 16:52 p.m. (2252 GMT) — 21 February 2024
Just one more thing...
Oh, there's just one more thing I was wondering if you could help me with. It's not a big deal, it's just the captain likes for me tie up all the loose ends.

Zomfg. We got a thing with stuff.

This version of the page is actually generated using the tpage command from Template::Toolkit. Here in the top zone, every single block has been implemented using templates, either through an include or wrapper directive, as appropriate. Eventually, there should be no non-boilerplate HTML here in this page.

Main-following Basic Blurb
This is a big old blurb of text that is a blurb of stuff that is going to be right here and all that could be blurbified and all that good stuff so we can have all sorts of big goodly words that are all sorts of things.
Another blorbo?
We have followed up the primary story list with another blurb. We are not going to go crazy this time and will just put some sensible text here. Bunger?
$Id: //design/news2000/index.tt#9 $
This is a short blurb that we are keeping in to expose the current version of this document. The text here is irrelevant
Tasting Brisket: LIVE!
Join us today for a live call-in show where Chungo McCorbwald is joined by celebrity chef Zippo Liberdingus. For today only, watch Chungo and Zip talk about the best ways to prepare, enjoy, inspect, and then consume brisket. We will later learn the optimal technique to convince everyone to not come to your house just because they can smell your third brisket on the smoker this week. They can get their own brisket, or stay hungry. (7 p.m. CT)
What is this bungerized?
never ending soda
anti whatever
powered by nothing
NFT? No effing thanks!
this is a chungus blurb
ZOMFG! Wowza!
Okay, so check it. This zone is now a generic zone. We use a big honkin case statement to switch through the variants of the navpole, defaulting to none if it does not exist..
These are catboxes
We call it that because they mostly host category story lists along with links to those pages. Sometimes we will add other things like this to spice it up. And since most of this is crap, it fits. And hey, look, it is the same size as the box to the side over there, and I have no idea which side it will be on because these blocks are all inside a grid, so they just pop where they need to. I think waiting for grid to be available everywhere and for everyone to be forced to upgrade their browsers was a good idea after all.